Never Leave Your Team

Integrate Any Handheld Radio System To Any Smartphone On Any Carrier Without Any Geographic Limitations

 Free trial units for first responders (5 user min)

Integrate Your Radio

Next Gen Push-To-Talk

Interoperability Made Easy

You already depend on your radio system. Now extend it with Tango Tango. Get enhanced coverage and low cost of cellular wireless communications, securely connected with your radio system.

Connect any smartphone to any network and any radio system.

Secure press-to-talk voice, team text/media messaging, GPS location services, and emergency alerts. Integrated with your radio system.

Communicate with other agencies, regardless of radio system type or distance. Tango Tango is an affordable, full-featured communications service for public safety and business organizations.

Why Agencies Like Yours Choose Tango Tango

Tango Tango allows you to securely communicate with your team from anywhere on any device using next-gen technology, while savings funds for your department.


Trusted by first responders nationwide

Lieutenant Jason Wiggins

Irondale Police Department

“Being in charge of patrol, I can listen to my guys from anywhere. I was 300 miles away in Tennessee and was able to listen and transmit over my radio system in Alabama.”

Chief Matt Locklear

Pembroke Rescue Squad

“TangoTango keeps our rescue team in constant contact with one another. The convenience of not having to carry a radio everywhere we go is outstanding. No matter where I go across the state my team is always just a push to talk away.”

Chief Terry Holden

Rogersville Police Department

“43 years of law enforcement and TangoTango is by far the best communications system that I’ve ever had! As a supervisor, you can keep up with your radio traffic, officers, and what is going on. It doesn’t matter where you’re at; it works nationwide as long as you have cell service or wifi.

Empower Your Team With Tango Tango

Radio Integration

Group PTT

First Response Tones

Seamless extension of your existing radio setup.

Encrypted, private push-to-talk communications for workgroups.

 Receive tone-out notifications on your smartphone when your station is paged out

Audio Playback

GPS Location

Unrivaled Support

Listen to missed calls for up to 24 hours.

See team members’ locations on a built-in map. 

You deserve quick response times too. Our support is available 24/7

And much more...


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